Induced! Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Arrives Early

This week I arrived home to a big–and very heavy–box at my doorstep. Not expecting any packages, I first thought it was for my neighbor. Then I suspected Henry had secretly ordered 20 lbs of Pokemon cards. The return address was Colorado. Inside my big box, I found a stack of these:


Voila, Fit & Healthy Pregnancy, the book! Oh, happy Wednesday! There really is nothing quite like a package full of books with your name on them. It was like UPS delivered Stuart Smalley in a box.  Per Henry’s request, I handed my son “the very ‘first’ copy of my book.” He found his name in the front, said it was cool, then asked if he could play iPad. “No, sir! We’re fit and healthy!” I said. There may have been an eye roll, but I have a rep to protect now.

After I tucked him in that night, I came out to see this on my counter:


My gentleman friend swears he didn’t mean to make an altar, but hey, it was all cool with me. I was particularly impressed by the way the candles matched the cover. And I won’t lie: champagne was a lovely way to spend a night with no Bruins game.

Yesterday, we went to Amazon to see what they were up to and noticed that the book hits shelves–virtual and otherwise–on May 26th. Just like my first baby, my book was induced a week early! Hooray! More champagne! Then, as with all my news, I learned via Twitter that Competitor named Fit & Healthy Pregnancy one of the best running books of 2013, which more than compensated for the Bruins game last night. Pop the cork again!

I thank all of you for your loyal readership of my blog and hope you’ll pick up a copy for your favorite pregnant person (and heck, even the ones who aren’t your favorite). As it happens, the cover model had her baby the day after the photo shoot, which is pretty darn auspicious, so it’s definitely in your best interest to read it.

The second half of the book offers motivation and practical advice on the 24/7 ultra-event of balancing sport and motherhood, so it’s a great read for anyone who already has kids. Plus, you might be in the book. In which case, you can drink champagne, too! Cheers !

Have a great long weekend, everyone. Whether you’re running to or away from your kids, I thank you for your inspiration and support.

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5 responses

  1. Congratulations!!!! I can’t wait to pick up a copy for my recently pregnant sister. I can’t think of a more perfect gift. I just wish I had stayed active during my pregnancies instead of taking up the sport of ice cream sandwich eating.

    • Congrats to you both! As she’ll read in the book, with a routine pregnancy, it’s better for both her and the baby to stay active than not, as long as she listens when her body says it’s time to rest. All my best to you both!

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