Notes, In Brief

I’ve been AWOL. Oops. Kinda busy, which is lame because we’re all busy, but there it is. To review:

1. Saw Cherop and Korir break the tape at Boston, then saw 21,998 other runners suffer horribly. It was a rough day, and I’m sending a virtual fist bump to those who endured it.

2. Finally hit a 5k PR after two years: 21:24 with first in age group, 7th woman overall. It was a fantastic day. Driven to drop those 25 seconds over the summer and eek out a 20:59 somehow.

3. Drank my first beer. Ever. Yes, I realize this is mind boggling. I don’t like beer. But evidently, after I finally run under 21:30 and am buzzing on PR juice, I like a plastic cup of Blue Moon.

4. I have almost died on my bike 3,491 times, but I’m still here. And that was on one 10-mile ride. She’s a cruel mistress, that carbon death machine.

5. I gave away my vacuum with the idea that I’d get a new one when I was about to clean. Then I realized that you never have to clean if you don’t own a vacuum. This is probably not a good thing.

3 responses

  1. Sweet PR!! Way to go! I think you will become a much better runner after you start regularly consuming beer…I have no scientific proof of that, i’m just saying…

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