Go Fast and Eat Oysters: 2012 Races

With a winter like we’ve had, did we really think Marathon Monday would be anything cooler than 86 degrees? It’s looking like an inferno. Earlier this week I was wistful about not racing Boston this year, but my attitude has moved closer and closer to a 180 with each added degree in the forecast. Now I’m very excited to spectate. Last year was fantastic as a first-time qualifier, and next year will be great as a faster qualifier, and in between, I’m going to race selectively but with gusto.

I’ve had a lot going in regular person life and haven’t created a race plan for the year, which has been sort of liberating torture. Not that any of you will find my calendar all that interesting, but blogging a race schedule is a kind of accountability that might get me to an actual event. Or I’ll blow off my calendar. Either way, it’s something to write about. Here’s what I’ve got cookin’…

April 29: Groton Road Race 5k. Can I PR? Doubtful, but I can still race, and 3.1 miles is manageable for a 21st century gal like me.

May 11-12: Cape Relay. It’s nigh unto Ragnar, my favoritest event of the year by far.  I love this race. We have a revolving door for a cast of characters with some returning runners and some new recruits, but it’s still a team of RedEye runners on a mission for fun, glory, and bbq. This year I’ve been appointed Safety Coordinator by Ringmaster Dan, which means I get to sit up front and say “butt lamp” a lot. You should consider joining a relay team… sweat, headlamps, and double entendres at 3 a.m. It just might change your life.

May 29. Run to Remember Half-Marathon. I need to redeem my Hyannis debacle of squats and sloth, so this is kind of like a Run to Forget. A PR is doubtful, but half-marathons entitle me to postrace oysters, so let’s race, baby!

Undecided Duathlon Sometime in the Summer. Clearly, this plan is about a quarter baked. I need to ride my bike instead of running so much right now, but running is awesome and biking is scary, and so here we are.

October 21. Baystate Half-MarathonPR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR PR. Too subtle? It ain’t Cape Cod, but it’s fast.

November/December. Philly Marathon or CIM. This is my 35th birthday present to myself, and I want to run under 3:35, then fete it like a woman who is not 35. I’m leaning toward California. If any of you have run both, which is a faster course? I’m also wanting a virtual training partner for the event, so if you have the same time goal and event in mind, lemme know, but only if you’re not the person who recently googled “Is Kristina Pinto divorced?” You can’t hide from my WordPress blog statistics, but thanks for your interest.

Moving on.

Sending safe, smart, salted, and speedy vibes to Monday Marathoners. I’ll be at Mile 25 to cheer you in, you ass kicking marathon fools.

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5 responses

  1. I love this post! Very motivating. I wish you PR’s in all your upcoming races! I know you’ll go uner 3:35 for your 35th bday! I know it! BTW – I am going to cross my fingers that my 3:32 is good enough to get me into Boston 2013. Hopefully I’ll see you at Boston 2013!

  2. haha too funny. Gotta love the WordPress search terms feature…And, no, it wasn’t me. But, hey, Reader (who is now probably embarrassed), there is a way to encrypt your search terms. google it.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing what marathon you pick and why. I am up myself between the Strip at Night and CIM. I need a marathon to train for to keep my sanity after I have my second child in August. I am close to 3:35 myself, but I am not sure if it will be this one because it will be 4 months post partum

  4. I’ve run both races and both are pretty fast. CIM starts of with a steady stream of rollers for the first half, but the second half is pretty flat. I am not sure which race I’d say is faster, but I think you’d have greater luck for good weather at CIM. Last time I ran Philly, it was 22*. I’ll be running CIM this year!

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