A Snake in the Year of the Dragon

Here’s my thing with the Chinese New Year: I love it. Like, way more than the regular New Year, although 2012 started as well as I would have ever wanted. Still, I find the whole 12/31 bit very stressful and actually kind of sad, but when the Chinese New Year rolls around, I have none of that angst. The Chinese New Year shows up when I’m not paying attention (Jan 23) and brings big drums, red things, Shu Mai, and ancient animal lore. What’s not to love?

I’m not a crazy zodiac person, but I do fully embrace my 1977 Year of the Snake identity. Snakes are very thinky, intense, determined to the point of stubbornness, and will fight to the bitter end for what they want. They also refuse to be ignored, are “notoriously good looking” (hey, I’m just quoting here), and are experts in the art of seduction.

Obviously, it’s completely true.

Henry is a Monkey–also perfect.

We’re on the cusp of the Year of the Dragon, which is supposedly a most life-altering year in the zodiac, as in, people plan weddings and  pregnancies around it. Or, you know, other major events that bring happiness and new beginnings. Like PRs.

My Year of the Dragon was looking like it would kick off without the whole optimism bit. A pile of life dung fell on me, so I’d say I’ve really just stuck to breathing fire in the past few days. Among other much more stressful crap, here’s one example: I’d planned to spend this Spring racing to qualify for the NYC Marathon with a 1:36 half-marathon PR before the NYRR lowers the qualifying time to an unattainable pace. The last I’d checked, which was in the Fall, I had until April 1. At some point since I’d researched it, the NYRR changed the deadline to January 31, or you could run the NYC Half-Marathon in March to qualify. That race, naturally, is sold out. There goes my goal. I’m sorry, but I’m shallow and if you take away my golden marathon carrot, I lose some of the motivation for the goal. Stinky.

Yesterday and today, I had a brain check with those in my inner sanctum and was reassured that while I am still standing in a messy dung heap, at least I have some fertilizer. I am so grateful for my friends, unbelievably lucky to have people who will empower me… and also smack me in the head with my blessings, particularly when I’m only smelling the shit pile.  I am so loved by my head smackers, I get weepy thinking about it. A reality check is a really good thing. I highly recommend one.

Do you have love? Yes!

Do you have health? Yes.

Do you have wine? Yes.

Do you have money? No, but what the hell, it’s okay because you have love, health, and wine.

I never did write any resolutions for 2012, and I’m not all that big on them anyway, because they are generally so inflexible. However, I do have goals for the Year of the Dragon (in addition to “Stop breathing fire”), which officially starts February 4. “Run faster” goes without saying, so I won’t list that one.

1. Get more sleep.

2. Think less.

3. Love better.

4. Be incredibly happy, even if I’m broke.

5. Get my vacuum cleaner fixed.

6. Learn how to drive a stick shift and operate a chainsaw, but not simultaneously.

That seems like a reasonable list for now. Let’s get on with it. I think I’ll start with a nap.

Happy New Year, everyone.


7 responses

  1. So they changed the qualifications? Why call them unattainable? How do you know? It may take you some time, but you will be amazed of how quickly you can get faster at the HM. 1:35 this year, 1:30 next, 1:27 the following. If you want it:)

  2. 1977? Really? You are so freaking young. For some reason I thought we were twins (grew up in central PA, attended same graduate institution, you named your son Henry, if my daughter hadn’t been a girl she was going to be Henry, like to run, like to drink). But I’m a Dog girl (1970). Back to you: I agree with the comment above, the new pace won’t be unattainable for you for very long. Especially if you sleep more (my weakness as well).

  3. Well, you can still register for NY…maybe you will make the lottery. That’s what I did, anyway. Not the golden carrot you were hoping for, but who knows, you might get in, run a fabulous marathon, and then qualify for it to run the next year. (I’m a monkey–1968).

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