Joy to My World

Is it me or does Christmas seem especially forced down our throats, and particularly early? So far, my reaction to the Jolly Mandate has been more or less “eh.” Not even the usually delightful Sundance catalog with the shiny red 1960s pick-up truck of my dreams carrying a freshly axed tree and Robert Redford is lifting my holiday spirit.

Which is why I’m making a list of the things that send me to my happy place as I make my way through Advent.

In no particular order:

1. Henry’s Bollywood dance party video. Say Shava Shava.

2. Pinot. They say alcohol is a depressant, but it sure makes me happy. Besides, “Pinot” looks so much like my last name, I like to pretend they invented it just for me and toast myself with every sip.

Picture 7

3. Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice. Colin Firth in Bridget Jones. Colin Firth in Edge of Reason. Colin Firth in Love Actually.

And Daniel Craig.

4. A really good hair cut. I am girly. Surprise.

5. Ping pong. My parents just bought a ping pong table, an idea that both amuses me and makes me actually want to move in with them.

6. Lindt salted chocolate.

Picture 5

7. Henry, bouncing to NPR, evidently jazzed by the John Roberts confirmation hearings.

8. Bruce, on You Tube if not in person.

9. Revelations.

10. The UPS truck in my driveway. It might be wrong to hug the Man in Brown, but I think it would be more wrong not to.

Go ahead, write your list. I swear it makes a difference.

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14 responses

  1. Wow. We have, inexplicably, a lot of the same happy-place destinations. Pinot? Yes. Ping pong. OH, yeah. Alvin Ailey? Wow. And, etc…

    I hope this oft difficult season is being good to you, so far, and filling you with happiness and salted chocolate. Love you, me good sister. xo

  2. This is excellent, I’m going to make one for sure!! I’ve been so down lately and have a marathon next weekend so this would really pick me up. I love Henry’s dance video (but could not open the other, not “invited”), that is sooo precious. Love the brown man hug!!!

  3. I have to join in on the Colin Firth love. I often play P&P in the background as I do other things. Just knowing he’s on my laptop screen makes me happy.

    The only other thing I can add to my happy list at the moment is chocolate, either filled with caramel or peanut butter. And lots of it.

  4. Man in Brown visited yesterday – love him (not really ‘love’ – went to high school with him…weird)
    Lindt salted chocolate!?!? must find NOW

    Faves – Blue Moon beer after loooong runs – body glide – Father Runner (yum!) – Marky Mark Wahlberg – my jrs (aka kids).

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