Finding Meaning…and Really Good Shoes

I would say that for the vast majority of my late 20s, I was infatuated with the Title 9 catalog. Not so much the clothes, but the lives it held–and okay fine, also the clothes. In case you haven’t seen the Title 9 catalog, this is what it looks like inside:

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 9.37.58 PM

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Ice Cream and Coffee: Good Times 5k Race Report

Yesterday morning I remembered I was out of milk, which was a good excuse to put ice cream in my coffee. Henry thought this was wildly unfair, so I gave him ice cream, too. So there we were at 7:30 on a Thursday morning, eating/drinking ice cream while discussing the Whitey Bulger trial. Pretty much your typical mother-child bonding set-up.

The reason I had no milk was because I raced a Tuesday night 5k instead of going to the grocery store. My priorities are obviously in order.

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Pancakes, Terry Gross, and Kryptonite

The heat wave in New England finally broke. I am so not ready for running in soupy air, so my weekend training was a bust. I wanted to run a long track workout on Saturday morning, but I got a late start, so after the 3rd interval, I crashed and said, “Screw this. I’m going home to pay bills and fold laundry.” That’s how hot it was. Sunday, I didn’t even bother to run. We did bumper boats and an air conditioned trip to Barnes & Noble instead. Naturally, I insisted on a vanity tour of the Pregnancy section.


Because it’s been too hot for thinking, I let Running Unplugged tell me what to write today. She tagged me in her recent post of 11 Things, and I haven’t done this sort of thing in years, so for fun, I gave it a shot. Also, I’m kind of vain, so why the hell not. Anyway, after last week’s post, I think we’re due for some frivolity.

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Now What

I love graduating. I’ve done it 4 times so far. Publishing Fit & Healthy Pregnancy feels like graduating with a 328-page diploma, one that shows how sport and pregnancy aren’t mutually exclusive. Yesterday, it was rated #15 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Exercise & Fitness > Pregnancy on Amazon, which, okay, is a niche within a niche within a niche. On the other hand, I think it shows my mother isn’t the only one buying it.

When you’ve wanted to do a thing since you were 3 years old and then you finally do it 32 years later, it’s easy to feel a big wave of “….Now what?”

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Induced! Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Arrives Early

This week I arrived home to a big–and very heavy–box at my doorstep. Not expecting any packages, I first thought it was for my neighbor. Then I suspected Henry had secretly ordered 20 lbs of Pokemon cards. The return address was Colorado. Inside my big box, I found a stack of these:

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Running Isn’t Special

Happy Day After Day After Mothers Day! I love Mothers Day because it feels like a Birth Day Birthday, which is fun to say, and I can say things to Henry like, “It is Mothers Day and so there will be no references to butts.” And he actually complies. I get to eat pancakes for lunch and pocket “coupons” for services such as “laundry“– from a boy who doesn’t know where the washing machine is.

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